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August Temperature Stats in Mesa, AZ

We’re in the thick of the Arizona summer. It’s time to pay the price for having such a moderate and livable winter where we never have to scrape windshields or shovel driveways. While it’s tough to be terribly optimistic about the weather letting up soon, historic average temperatures show that the month of August is at least past the pinnacle of the summer heat. Here’s a look at what the month of August typically looks like in the Mesa area.

Because of its location in the Sonoran Desert, Mesa has a hot, semi-arid climate. Average high temps for the month of August fall typically around 104 degrees, which is a touch lower than the July average, which is 106. If you’ve been in the Valley for a while and have experienced monsoon season, you’re aware that a lot of rain can happen quickly, even in the dead of summer. The record for most rainfall in one day was set last September, when a monsoon storm pummeled the Valley with 4.26”. Although the humidity can skyrocket on days like these, the cloud cover drives the temperature down somewhat.

Otherwise, the month of August has fairly constant daily high temps right around 104 degrees. Typically, only one day in ten exceeds 109 degrees. This year, we’ve already had a spell of 110+ temperatures with some intermittent cooler days. The good news is that late July is typically the hottest stretch of time that we experience in the East Valley.
While we may be slightly over the hump for the tough Arizona summer, it’s still important to take extra precautions during the rest of the season. As always, sunscreen and proper hydration are an absolute must, and be sure to take breaks after spending extended periods of time outside.